Through the SCADpro alliance we were able to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders from the health-care industry. We had the opportunity to facilitate hands on collaboration with groups of people who rarely communicate this deep about their consumer markets needs. We worked with insurance companies, device designers, providers, and digital patient monitoring solution companies.

How might we improve the in-home engagement experience enabled by active and passive data collection for at risk patients over 45?


Partner Research

Getting nine partners together with a team of design students to solve for the future is a great concept, but how could something like this unfold? In short, there were many tireless nights where our dedicated team ideated and re-ideated on the process just as much as our concepts. We asked more questions than we could possibly answer and learned how to embark on such a large design challenge.


Interviews & Probes

To decipher the priorities and insights each stakeholder has about their end-users, we conducted hour-long interviews with every company. Our framework detailed patient needs in parallel to company values. After conducting 42 culture probe interviews, an initial framework for patients created new ways of thinking about opportunity spaces.



Each interview gave a deeper understanding to what incumbents and startups have to say. Seeing how they interact together with varied end users, purposes and values get developed through the affinitization process. We took every observation gathered from the interviews and probes and began organizing them across the individual company. Cluster groups of individual observations help identify deeper perspectives and are then organized across all eight companies. This helps to synthesize the research into actionable insights.


Final Visions

A combination of company values and patient insights led to what if prompts aimed at disrupting the status quo. The ultimate springboard: what if we could bring joy back into healthcare?



Protective clothing

Stasis provides elderly patients with the comfort and support they need to feel secure and confident as they manage their health, keeping them at home and independent a little longer.

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Your pill assistant

Provide personalized services for high-risk patients to be better supported by the pharmaceutical industry in their medication regimen

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The caregiver network

Arc provides much-needed assistance to the current after-hours care market which in turn expands patient access and helps the caregiver burnout.

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VR physical therapy

RediscoVR is an immersive physical therapy solution fuelled by virtual reality adventures aimed at increasing adherence and engagement

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